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All The People Icons

Rules & F.A.Q.


1. JOIN ♥ This community is locked to members only. Join the community to view icons and graphics.

2. COMMENT ♥ If you are going to save and/or use an icon, please comment on the entry in which you find it.

3. CREDIT ♥ If you use my icons, please credit me. If you do not know how to credit, please read this brief tutorial.

4. DO NOT HOT LINK ♥ Save icons into your own computer or upload them to your own image host (Photobucket, ImageShack, etc.).

5. DO NOT ALTER ICONS ♥ Do not alter icons, colorbars, or other graphics. Textless icons are not bases. Bases are clearly labeled in the journal tags.

6. DON'T REPOST ♥ Do not repost my icons and graphics to Xanga, Myspace, DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, nor any other website. Do not claim my work as your own. I put a lot of time and energy into my graphics, so please DO NOT steal them.


1. What is the purpose of this community?

This journal is primarily used to showcase icons and other graphics of my favorite television shows, movies, musicians, people, and hobbies. I also love to write tutorials, and I am always open to requests.

2. Can I make a request?

Sure! Requests are always welcome. Please see the Request Page for further details.

3. I'm new to LJ. How do I credit your icons?

Credit noiseflooricons. If you do not know how to credit (or if you've just been lazy in the past), please read this tutorial. Credit is very important. Making icons and other graphics is not easy, and it takes quite a bit of time.

4. What program do you use to make your icons and graphics?

I use Paint Shop Pro X by Corel. It's a cost-friendly, user-friendly alternative to Photoshop, and I highly reccomend it. You can do just about anything with PSP.

5. How did you learn to make your icons and graphics?

I follow tutorials from various livejournal-based tutorial communities. In particular, icon_tutorial has been a huge help. I also write my own tutorials, which can be found throughout my noiseflooricons.

6. Where did you find that brush, texture, or font? Where did you get those layout codes?

Please see my Resources Page.

7. Who are your affiliates?

Currently, I am affiliated with feversandicons, a community created by the lovely luindilwen. I also encourage people to visit roleplay_icons.

8. How can I become an affiliate?

I'm always looking for new affiliates. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please drop a comment in this post, with a link to your graphics journal or community.
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